Friday, April 15, 2011

For final exam...

Once again, study week is arrived. This is the 6th study week in my university life. It can be said as I'm almost 4th year student. Hard to believe it.

Before going to 4th year university life, I must face the 6th final exam in the coming weeks. Although not many credits I took but the stress is still the same. Maybe is due to the subjects are harder. Hope to have a rest first but I-project prevented us to do so. After done the I-project, study week is nearly gone. Anyway, congratulation to the winners.

Actually there is an interesting activity happened before Lun's birthday, Running Man (Kg Wai version). I'm the one of the organizer in the activity. Very excited game but feel sorry to the injured friends during the process of catching me.

Thank you. All the best!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Study week with test and presentation

One of the test has been postponed until this thursday right after the project presentation. The most worse thing is we can't know what will be the exact scope for the test. @.@

About the presentation, I think the project is nearly done but just let me ignore the complexity of it. Haha. Really lack of mood to do it and make it more perfect. Just wish to present it as fast as possible. It took me too many time to do it. Moreover, I think I should be studying the core subject in this study week rather than doing this project that may consume 3 days of our study week.

Actually I'm in a very lazy mood. Lazy to do everything. But I need to maintain and achieve the higher state of everything that I got with hard work in the past. Can't just let it. Just do it!

Going to library. Need to finish up the project and study for the coming tests.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Forgive or not?

I think I'm the one who can forgive someone that injured or hurt me. Although some cases are unforgettable but I try to believe them again and again because sometimes there are mistakes made by human being.
If someone has betrayed me, instead of become an enemy, I think I would like to make them as my "friend" because I learned from you. The word friend is highlighted because I will beware of their actions to ensure I'm not hurt again.

However, the thing that I want to emphasize is become a "friend" is better then an "enemy".
For me, I will just look at the case and not the people. But this is hard enough to forgive the people who betrayed you. Just try not to let them become your enemy.

Recently, there is a case. I don't know it is coincident or purposely done to make them as an excellent group. I think I have announced it to every friends among us. They knew that I will use this as the plan and I will did it alone only. They knew I'm alone then they still going to offense me? If for me, I would just change to the other plan rather than "bullying" the people who is doing alone. I'm too weak to voice out because I think they had decided before asking my opinion. They will straight away ignore me to achieve higher and better level.

Actually they no need to do so much for the plan. Until now, I'm still wondering why they need to do so much since the plan has already done. Nevermind, there is useless to understand their purpose since I still can't find a better plan for myself.

Hard to say out my feeling here. I'm angry for a moment. Sad for a day. Remember for whole life. Somehow I will forgive you soon. Thanks for the "coincidence". I learned after being hurt.

That is the mistake I made.I should finish the things and show it first.
In order to think a better plan and finish that, I can't sick. Please don't sick. Please let me do according to the plan smoothly.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


After a few tests and a presentation, now at least there is a space to let me rest awhile. But I think I'm resting everyday if comparing my course to the others. LOL. Maybe it is the same and just they are busy when I'm free? Haha.

2 more weeks and after final exams to end this semester. It is the time to have our internship. Feeling nervous and curious when thinking about it. Actually after this semester, there are many of my friends will graduate but I still have 1 more year. Maybe they should be more nervous compare to me because they are going to work already. Haha. However, recalling back what have we done before? We went to internet cafe together, watched "n" movies, sing "n" times K and etc. But suddenly now we are going to work. Seems unbelievable. LOL. xD

Recently we went to swimming again. I didn't swim for more than 3 months already but once you learned it, you really can't forget it. This is the ability like eat that you won't forget in our life? Haha. I hope so. Training hard to learn more than now and toward "butterfly". xD
That's all for now. Have a nice day ^^.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy or lazy? LOL

When I created this blog, I thought that updating a blog at least twice a week is an easy job. But the truth is I'm busy or perhaps lazy to update it.

Assignments, tests and presentation is coming. Actually tomorrow will be the first test 2 paper. I'm trying hard to study and understand with the purpose of don't feel disappointed again with the test.

Not forgettable, congratulation to our basketball teams which for the boy's team that won a fourth place and superbly the girl's team won the champion. Well played and they really put a lot of effort. Congratulation again.

Although I was the substitute but I also felt very excited and nervous when our team was playing. We shout together in the bench especially with Ton. Haha. Unforgettable matches.

To my friend Tatt, hope you will recover with full speed. We are going to eat tasty foods. Wait you "jio" us. ^^

Besides that, I've watched a badminton game yesterday midnight with my friends between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. That was an interesting match. Really excited and well played by both impressive players. Congratulation to the winner, our country's badminton men single player in world number 1 ranking, Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Furthermore, very sad to see the earthquake with high magnitude happened in Japan. Words seem hard to express the sadness. Anyway, I hope and wishing them have the best situation in this hard time.

Write until here only. Continue my study. Add oil ^.^

Friday, February 25, 2011

The come back of the internet !!!

After a long waiting period, finally the internet connection has been provided again. In my hostel normally we should have the internet connection but don't know what is the reasons caused we can't use it.

Although we can't access to the internet but for the boring day some of my friends introduce a Korean's game drama to me, "Running Man".

Actually this drama is started since summer of last year but I don't know about it. The most attractive part is the participants of the games are really funny. Some of my friends really laugh until very loudly and almost crazy for that.
I'm also nearly "crazy" to watch that movie already. I watched almost 3 episode per day(3 x 1hr20mins). Maybe not much for you there but it's really much for me already. Haha. You also can watch it when you are boring also. Really funny.

Congratulation to my brother, he got an excellent result in STPM!!! (compare to me, haizzzz) LOL...
And good luck!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This week...10/2 until now

I can't think of any topic to start this blog except write something happened in last week until now.
Actually from 10 Feb until now, my mood just like in a holiday mood.

The most unforgettable event was the Valentine's party. Thank to the organizer.
This is the first time that I join this kind of party. Seriously that is really fun and enjoy.
BBQ, Live band, Vodka... I'm also almost drunk also because of the Vodka. But I like it very much. Haha.
Besides that, I can know more friends through that. Nice to meet you all.
If have the chances again, I think I will join.

Besides that party, it's really a time wasted week and perhaps a better word to describe it "boring".
The internet speed here is really slow. Nobody likes it.
Basketball competition is about to start. My coursemates having training on it and I'm also joining them because there is really boring and not enough people to play football.

On Tuesday, my friends from UUM went to "Hai Tien" for their dinner. I was invited by them mostly because of YS were there also. Haha. Quite happy with that dinner because really long time didn't eat at there already.

Instead of a boring life, I have grabbed a ticket for the Spring Festival organized by UniMAP on Sunday. I hope there will be an exciting performance that can make us feel surprise.

If you are going, see you there! Have a nice day...