Friday, April 15, 2011

For final exam...

Once again, study week is arrived. This is the 6th study week in my university life. It can be said as I'm almost 4th year student. Hard to believe it.

Before going to 4th year university life, I must face the 6th final exam in the coming weeks. Although not many credits I took but the stress is still the same. Maybe is due to the subjects are harder. Hope to have a rest first but I-project prevented us to do so. After done the I-project, study week is nearly gone. Anyway, congratulation to the winners.

Actually there is an interesting activity happened before Lun's birthday, Running Man (Kg Wai version). I'm the one of the organizer in the activity. Very excited game but feel sorry to the injured friends during the process of catching me.

Thank you. All the best!!!

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